Project Vidin


The Vidin project consists of a modern and fully equipped industrial building spanning 15,000 m² (about 160,000 square ft.) with an adjacent multifunctional administrative building, and all this on a 65,000 m² plot (700,000 square ft.). You can buy or rent the full site or sections thereof. The calm and quiet provincial city of Vidin (population: 56,000) is located to the north of Bulgaria, at 240 kilometres (150 miles) from Sofia, and 150 kilometres (90 miles) from Belgrade and Bucharest. The site is well connected with a four-lane motorway heading to the international expressway E79. Towards the end of 2012 a bridge to Romania over the Danube will open, right next to the site.

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Project Gorna


The Gorna Orjachovica project is located in central Bulgaria, right across the largest rail yard in the country. The 81,000 m² (870,000 square ft.) site consists of a strengthened, tall industrial hall of 20,000 m² (215,000 square ft.). The building has direct rail access and counts ten installed overhead travelling cranes. A 1,400 m² (15,000 square ft.) administrative building, in direct connection with the hall. The site is accessed easily right next to the E772 motorway, about 250 kilometres (155 miles) from Sofia and 200 kilometres (124 miles) from the port city of Varna.

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Project Sofia


A few minutes drive from the capital (Sofia), BNS is offering a multifunctional site of about 9,700m² (104,000 square ft.) The property contains, amongst others, seven empty buildings, for establishing a private kindergarten. There is a strong demand for private schooling in the capital area Investments in such ventures have massive potential.

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Project Elin Pelin


Elin Pelin is the first city located at Sofia's fringes. This independent municipality has seen quick development due to the proximity with the capital. A lack of development industrial property is present, due to strict regulations for the protection of agricultural land. On offer from BNS is a very future-proof industrial property of 50,000 m² (538,000 square ft.) in Elin Pelin. We can guarantee that you will receive all necessary permits within a very short time frame for building and starting al your activities. Optionally, BNS als has a second 5,000 m² (54,000 square ft.) property in Elin Pelin.

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